Devs Reassure Halo: Infinite Players Regarding Progression Complaints

Devs Reassure Halo: Infinite Players Regarding Progression Complaints

They're just letting the dev team take a break for the holiday.

LizardRock by LizardRock on Nov 29, 2021 @ 09:29 AM (Staff Bios)
If you are anywhere near the online Halo community, youve probably heard about the recent discontent with Halo: Infinites multiplayer progression. Though it may not stay that way for long as multiple developers acknowledge the issue.

Halo: Infinite recently released the multiplayer mode as a separate game. Now free-to-play, the game uses the tried-and-true method of seasons to encourage players to spend money. Players can earn XP and unlock new cosmetics through seasons, with a premium battle pass option unlocking additional rewards.

Unfortunately, people have been pretty unhappy with the rate in which things are unlocked, and the overall underwhelming nature of the rewards. This was exacerbated further with the launch of Fracture: Tenrai event, which had an even slower, harder to complete process to unlock a samurai themed set of armor.

But these complaints dont stop at the choir. Both the community director and the head of design at developer 343 Industries have responded to the issue. While its on the front of their to do list, theyre taking some time to give the development team a rest for the holiday.

Yes I am still playing Halo and feeling everyones pain on progression. We are back at it next week and this will be top of my list with the team.

Jerry Hook, Head of Design

Please know the constructive feedback is being heard loud and clear. Changes will take time and our priority this week is giving the team a much deserved break for the holiday after a long final stretch. Thank you for understanding. 🙏

Brian Jarrard, Community Director

In all honestly, I dont fully understand the outrage. Ive played plenty of Halo: Infinites multiplayer, and its already one of my favorite free to play shooters on the market, it has a really satisfying game-feel. And to me, the game is about the gameplay, not the cosmetic awards. However, I can safely admit that I understand the discontent with the rate of progression. Ive seen plenty of online posts calling the game a scam and that feels a bit harsh. Though I also recognize that I dont get to tell other people how to feel, and their enjoyment of the game does not dictate my own enjoyment.

So have patience, disgruntled Spartans. A resolution will come soon enough. In the meantime, Ill be over here, going 5-9 in Oddball.


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