Details About No Man's Sky Beyond Update Shown Off in New Trailer

Details About No Man's Sky Beyond Update Shown Off in New Trailer

It reveals The Nexus, a new multiplayer hub.

LizardRock by LizardRock on Aug 08, 2019 @ 09:42 AM (Staff Bios)
There are few redemptions stories as grand as No Man's Sky. The space exploration game went from being one of the most anticipated titles to one of the most hated, and back to being loved again.

This was achieved through regular updates. When the game released in late 2016, it lacked many of the features that players wanted and looked forward to. The game has since gone through multiple major updates, adding new worlds, more diverse oceans, base building, and multiplayer.

But none of them shake a stick as what's coming: No Man's Sky Beyond. This three-tiered update will be the biggest change the game has seen yet, and it's coming next week.

Developers Hello Games have made a post on the official PlayStation blog, speaking in detail about the update, what it means, and what it will be.

"When we made No Mans Sky, we always wanted it to feel like you had stepped into the cover of a science fiction novel. Beyond is another step closer to that goal."

Beyond will feature three major changes, referred to as pillars. The first pillar was announced last March as an improved multiplayer experience. Details regarding how this version will be different than the current server-based setup was.

The most recent video, viewable above, gives us a better idea of what they actually mean. It introduces the Nexus. It's described as a shared social space that "brings people together and lets them play with friends or join with random strangers like never before."

The second pillar gained the greatest media attention, announcing a fully-fledged VR mode to the game. The mode feature's the full scope of the game in VR while introducing hand motion controls.

"No Mans Sky Virtual Reality is not a separate mode, but the entire game brought to life in virtual reality. Anything that is possible in No Mans Sky, NEXT or any other update is ready and waiting as an immersive and enriched VR experience."

The third pillar... is still a mystery. Lead developer Sean Murray describes each pillar as about 30-40% of what the entire Beyond update has to offer, implying the final pillar will be as impressive as a reworked multiplayer system and a full VR mode. What that could be is anyone's guess.

Regardless, we'll know all of the details soon enough when the update releases for free for all No Man's Sky players on August 14.


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