Dead By Daylight: Cursed Legacy Unleashes The Oni

Dead By Daylight: Cursed Legacy Unleashes The Oni

And he is big.

LizardRock by LizardRock on Nov 20, 2019 @ 10:02 AM (Staff Bios)
Sharpen your hooks and recharge your flashlights, the next Killer and Survivor has been announced for Dead By Daylight.

The popular asymmetrical multiplayer horror game's YouTube channel posted a new video, revealing their next content update: Cursed Legacy. In it, we see a short cinematic of a new Survivor and a New Killer.

The Survivor, Kimura Yui is a Japanese street racing vigilante with a vaguely vaporwave aesthetic. In the video, she rides a neon-lit motorbike away from...

The Oni, the next killer. Formally known as Yamaoka Kazan, the Oni is the ancestor of Rin Yamaoka (The Spirit killer). In his time, he was a ruthless samurai whose actions attracted the attention of the Entity. He appears to be one of, if not the largest killer the game has seen so far, wielding a large Katana sword and wearing a Kabuki mask.

The video also lists Sanctum of Wrath as a new map. Based on the name, we assume that it plays into the Oni's classic Japanese style, but no information was provided as to what this might look like.

In Dead By Daylight, four players are designated the Survivors, their job is to activate generators to power the escape doors while avoiding the Killer. A single additional player controls the Killer, whose primary job is to hunt down and sacrifice Survivors by placing them, quite painfully, onto meat hooks.

The game released in mid-2016. Since then, it's grown into one of the most popular multiplayer horror games. It's even gathered enough clout to establish a Stranger Things collaboration, letting players use Steve and Nancy as survivors and the Demogorgon as a Killer.

Cursed Legacy will be available on PC and consoles in "December 2019." Based on previous updates, all of the new content will likely be available as a $6.99 DLC purchase. Players can also unlock the content using a currency unlocked in-game.


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