Darkest Dungeon Getting More DLC: The Color of Madness

Darkest Dungeon Getting More DLC: The Color of Madness


pocru by pocru on Dec 05, 2017 @ 08:53 AM
Last we heard of Darkest Dungeons, the vampire-themed DLC Crimson Court rocked the estates of players around the world who were unprepared for the sanguine scourge of sultry savagery it inflicted upon them. But for the truly masochistic, who think the game is still just too darn easy, don’t worry: Red Hook has you covered with the announcement of a brand-new DLC pack, The Color of Madness.

So yeah, in case there wasn’t enough Lovecraftian horror in Darkest Dungeons, this new expansion will really double down on the cosmic horror. A comet crashes into a house just outside the hamlet, an entity beyond mortal comprehension, which has twisted the Miller family and their surrounding estate into strange, alien things, who are apparently keen on spreading as far and fast as they can. Good thing you’re around to put a stop to it, right?

While we don’t know everything that’ll be included in this caravel of cosmic horrors, we know a sampling: there’ll be a new quest type, a sort of survival mode where you have to fend off waves of enemies trying to reach the comet site, with leaderboards so you can compare your score to your friends. There will be new foes, of course, the “husks” of the Miller family and their farmhands, and there will be some new Trinkets at your disposal to hopefully give you the edge you’ll need to survive.

I’d wager good money there will be more than just that, but alone those are still very enticing deals for fans of the series. Red Hook is looking to release this around springtime next year, and we’ll learn the price around then as well.

Still! Exciting times. People praised the changes made in Crimson Court, and here’s hoping they can keep the good times rolling with this expansion.

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