COVID Central: The White House Appeals to Speedrunners to Stay Safe, For Some Reason

COVID Central: The White House Appeals to Speedrunners to Stay Safe, For Some Reason

Gotta go fast...?

pocru by pocru on Mar 19, 2020 @ 03:47 AM (Staff Bios)
In case it wasn’t blisteringly clear via my many opinion pieces and the occasional (IE, extremely frequent) asides in my articles, I’m something of a liberal bleeding heart, which means I’m not exactly what you would call a “fan” of the current administration. Less so now that we’ve seen how badly they’ve messed up the current COVID-19 pandemic. After spreading misinformation and refusing to act, they’ve started backpedaling in a big way, and are now trying to urge people to practice safe habits. Finally.

However, what draws our attention to the administration isn’t the fact they’re terrible (this is a gaming website, after all), but the fact that in an effort to appeal to “the kids”, Dr. Deborah Brix urged Millennials to take the infection seriously… so it won’t impact their ability to play video games really good.

"So again, I'm gonna call on that generation, that's part of that group that brought us innovation, particularly throughout all of their ability to look around corners and skip through games… I always went level by level, I didn't realize you could go from level three to level seven. That's what they taught us, they look for things that we don't see. We need them to be healthy."

If you really want to see this crowning moment of cringe for yourself, you can find it at 1:18:40 in the video below.

One thing is true, though, people my age (ugh, I’m old) should be taking this disease more seriously – less because it might impact our elite gamer brains, and more because it can kill people. In fact, it’s probably going to kill a lot of people if we don’t take it seriously. And it wouldn’t be very “swag” of us if our “kill streak” was real life people.

So yeah, don’t be a total n00b.


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