Cayde-6's Voice Actor Thinks He's Not Really Dead

Cayde-6's Voice Actor Thinks He's Not Really Dead

What a shocker.

pocru by pocru on Jul 17, 2018 @ 07:17 AM (Staff Bios)
If you recall, Bungie has been very vocal about the fact that fan favorite(?) robot-guardian thing Cayde-6 is dead for real, for real, and that he definitely wont be coming back at any point, ever. You might also be aware that typically, Cayde-6 is voiced by none other than Nathan Fillion, but did you know that ol Nathan didnt come back to the role for Destiny 2: Forsaken? He was busy working on an Uncharted fan film (which is amazing, by the way - check it out here) while the Cayde-6 role was given to good ol Nolan North instead.

But despite the fact that Nathan is no longer a Cayde-6 expert, he still decided to talk about the robots death with Kotaku, while they were discussing that aforementioned fan film. And he is firmly of the mind that Cayde-6 is alive, and hes got some pretty solid logic backing up his arguments:

"How do I feel about Cayde-6? I absolutely love him. How do I feel about that character dying? I don't personally believe it. He's a Guardian. He should be able to come back. I mean, that's their whole thing, they come back, right? The whole thing is the resurrection."

A good point. You could argue that consistency of video game resurrection is always plot-dependent (IE, not using a Phoenix Down on Aeris/Aerith), but one would like to believe that Bungie would have thought of this ahead of time. So either they did and well get some sort of in-universe explanation, or everyone is in for a massive surprise-not-surprise when he comes back from the dead.

In any case, if you miss Nathan Fillion in Destiny 2, dont worry: apparently hes coming back.

"In that case, my go-to would be, I'm really excited to work with Activision again and do the prequel of how we get to Caydes 1 through 5. Cayde-6 prequel. That's what we need to start talking about right now."

Do we, though? Do we really?


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