Can We Use Technology to Make Our Gaming Sessions Better? Yes, We Can

Can We Use Technology to Make Our Gaming Sessions Better? Yes, We Can

VR, AR, you name it...

Ranga14 by Ranga14 on Nov 21, 2019 @ 12:30 AM (Staff Bios)
Gaming itself has gone through multiple revolutions over the decades and although VR has not yet taken off in the same manner that the gaming industry and even gamers had hoped, there have been various other game-changing innovations. Now, setting aside the technological enhancements made in gaming design, what are the ways in which we, as consumers, can enrich our own gaming experiences? There are many ways to do it really, but we will concentrate on a few of the make or break factors.

Faster Response Time in Competitive Gaming: The Right Mouse

Mice are the most important tools in a competitive gamers arsenal, and theres no going around it. If you want to get those headshots in before your opponent does, you will need to spend good money on a competition/eSports grade mouse.

However, it must also be suited for your hand size because even a Rival 700 can make you perform like a noob if you have small hands. Then there is also the consideration to be made for the kind of games you play because a mouse like the Spatha or the Ouroboros is not designed to be used in FPS games, but they are the best options when it comes to MMOs.

When Refresh Rate Matters More than the Resolution: The Right Monitor

While gaming, the display is pretty much the single most important accessory for obvious reasons. Now, when you are trying to game competitively on a PC, the refresh rate is infinitely more important than the 4K resolution which every manufacturer is trying to push sell these days.

When you are looking to improve your online gaming performance and experience, a 144Hz gaming monitor with a 1080p panel will let you see more frames onscreen and thus will enable you to respond faster and win that Chicken Dinner!

When You are Not looking for that Competitive Edge: The Right Display

On the other hand, if you are looking to increase your offline or non-competitive gaming experience, go for a 4K, 65-inch OLED TV and couple it with an Xbox One X or a PS4 Pro to treat your eyes to awesome visuals that you simply wont be able to downgrade from.

Dont Waste Time On Awful Casinos: The Right Casino Site

Its hard to find time as an adult gamer as it is, so its never nice to find out that the online casino which you heard so much about is basically nothing like you expected it to be.

Technology is a tricky thing really, and it can be used to cheat a casino gamer out of his hard-earned money and time. Instead, use technology in your favour by going through reviews on sites like Play N Pin that post unbiased content since their interests are tied more with the players than the casino sites.

Check out this Netbet review on Play N Pin, for example, which gives the famous casino site an honest score and deducts points on certain critical aspects. After going through the review, players will know exactly what to expect, even before they open an account there.

As you can see by now, its all about what improving your gaming experience specifically means to you. It depends on the kind of gamer that you are and exactly what you are looking for.


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