Brawlhalla Offers More Multiplayer Fun with Patch 1.17

Brawlhalla Offers More Multiplayer Fun with Patch 1.17

I sense a LAN party game over the horizon...

Michelle McLean by Michelle McLean on Sep 12, 2015 @ 05:19 PM (Staff Bios)
In the mood for an indie brawler with a few friends? Well, you are certainly welcome to try out Brawlhalla on Steam, which has now entered its closed beta 1.17 build. If you don't know jack about Brawlhalla, you're missing out for sure. Brawlhalla is a competitive, four-player 2D-planed brawler that perfect for a LAN party or eSports tournament.

Background-wise, the greatest warriors in history brawl in an eternal battle arena to take the title of "best in the world." In total Smash Bros-style, Clockwork VALKRIs litter the arena with weapons and gadgets, such as swords, axes, hammers, blasters, rocket lances, mines, bombs, spiked spheres, and so much more. The best part is that the game is free-to-play, not pay-to-win. Local and online modes are available, but the final version will feature Online Ranked 1v1, Online Team Brawl, 4 Player Online Free for All, 8 Player 4v4 & FFA, Official Crew Battle Support, Local Free for All, Local Custom Teams, and Alternate Game Modes. If this all catches your interest, feel free to sign up for the closed beta on the official site!

Want to know more about Patch 1.17 first? Well, the recent update details the following:
  • Team up and queue up for a match!
  • Personal and per team matchmaking scores will be available.
  • Team score is based on your matchmaking win/loss ratio.
  • Pair with someone to create a new team automatically.
  • Be a part of as many teams as you'd prefer.
  • A new taunt has been added in the store, titled "Deal With it."
  • Improved streak breaker on item randomization. You're less likely to get the same weapon four times in a row.
  • You can exit the game from the main menu now by pressing B or Z on the controller or keyboard.
  • Super stalking spectating mode has been added; you can spectates a friend who is spectating.
  • You can spectate players who are already in queue.
  • There is now PC controller support for the PS3 wired GameStop brand controller, as well as the MediaTech Judge RF MT1505.
  • Dex has been changed to speed up the general flow of the game. Recovery time multiplier from Dexterity for air moves are closer to their original values.
  • Dodge is now disabled for a small delay.
  • You can attack directly after dodging ends, but dodge loses its invulnerability for the last 2 frames.
  • Of course, there are UI changes and Bug Fixes, of which you can refer to here.
The perfect party game, no?


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