Bethesda Caps Total Mods On Consoles for Skyrim: Special Edition

Bethesda Caps Total Mods On Consoles for Skyrim: Special Edition

One more headache, one more heartbreak...

pocru by pocru on Feb 16, 2017 @ 04:32 AM
Skyrim: Special Edition can now be modded no matter what current-gen system you play it on, be it PS4, Xbox One, or PC. While the PC version is unquestionably the superior choice for modding, the fact that the option exists at all is welcome for long-starved console players, who can now enjoy many of the crazy mods that exist on the net. Unless you’re on the PS4, at least, because thanks to Sony those mods have to be significantly tamer.

Anyway. There have always been limitations on console mods, and today, we’re learning of yet another that will affect both systems, which was added in the most recent update: namely, there is now a limit as to how many mods you can have running on your system at once. For the PS4, that number is 100, while the Xbox One is capped at a slightly more generous 150.

It’s not terrible. Mods can add up quickly, but unless you’re using them recklessly you should be able to manage. And, thankfully, Bethesda has admitted that this is “a starting point, and may be adjusted”. If that means we’ll be getting more or fewer mods is anyone’s guess, since it could go either way, but given Bethesda’s pro-mod approach I very much doubt it’s the latter.

Still, it’s one more headache for our poor console modders.


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