Balagov is the New Director for the Last of Us TV Show

Balagov is the New Director for the Last of Us TV Show

He seems like a good fit for the job.

LizardRock by LizardRock on Jan 18, 2021 @ 10:24 AM (Staff Bios)
Its been a little while since we heard about the TV adaption for The Last of Us. And it sounds like everything is staying in order as Kantemir Balagov is confirmed as the shows director.

According to a report by Hollywood Reporter, Johan Renck has dropped out as director due to a schedule conflict, with Balagov replacing him. Before now, it was believed that it would be a collaborative effort between Craig Mazin and Renck.

The report also claims that HBO (whos producing the show) is aiming for a serious dramatic tone for the adaptation. This follows with the introduction of Balagov, whose previous works were both award-winning dramas with serious tones. It also follows the tone of the game, but that's to be expected.

The Last of Us TV Show was revealed in late 2020. It was greenlit by HBO, working in collaboration with PlayStation Productions (their film branch) and game writer Neil Druckmann. While little is known about the show at this time, its currently believed to follow the story of the original game. Presumably, this means following a 14-year-old Ellie as she is escorted out of the quarantine zone by Joel.

This isnt the only major game that Playstation is bringing to televisions. Sony founded PlayStation Productions in mid 2019 to manage and produce various shows and movies based on their games. Theyre also working on an Uncharted movie, with acclaimed actor Tom Holland playing the role of Nathan Drake.

Just last December, Sony Pictures CEO Tony Vinciquerra revealed that they have many more planned beyond this. They claimed that three movies and seven TV shows were in production. What the other movies and shows are remains a mystery.

With the narrative being the driving force beyond the Last of Us games, it makes sense to bring it to a film format. Whether it will translate well remains to be seen. Time will tell.


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