Anthem Bug Pushes Newbies Into the Final Mission of the Game

Anthem Bug Pushes Newbies Into the Final Mission of the Game


pocru by pocru on Feb 18, 2019 @ 08:28 AM (Staff Bios)
Despite everyone talking about Apex Legends, Anthem, the long-awaited Destiny clone from Bioware, has also recently been released, but not for everyone, of course, as it’s got one of those staggered release dates that everyone agrees is terrible, but still, there’s a sizeable collection of people out there right now who are playing the full game right now, flying, blasting, and not romancing any of the NPC’s, which again defeats the purpose of playing a Bioware game at all.

But just because the game hasn’t been out for long doesn’t mean that people aren’t plowing through it. In fact, there are people doing the final story mission as you read this. And thanks to a certain bug that’s affecting the game’s quickplay function, some of those people are dangerously under-leveled and haven’t reached that point in the story, left.

You see, Anthem, like most multiplayer games, has a “quick play” function that’s supposed to seamlessly slide you into other people’s missions if they don’t have a full party and are playing publically. In theory, you’re supposed to go to level appropriate missions, but according to folks all over the internet, we have people who are as weak as level 2 getting thrown into the final mission of the game, where they can’t contribute much and will probably die very, very fast.

The bug is known, as the lead producer for Anthem, a man named Ben Irving, has confirmed its existence over Twitter, and presumably, they’re going to be working on it in the future, although he doesn’t specifically say as much.

It’s understandable that a game this ambitious would have growing pains, especially as it’s coming from Bioware, whose last major title was the infamously buggy Mass Effect Andromeda. For their sake, though, I hope this is the biggest, most intrusive bug players discover.


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