After 10 Years, Heroes of Newerth Effectively Comes to an End

After 10 Years, Heroes of Newerth Effectively Comes to an End

The last major patch will be released next week.

pocru by pocru on Feb 20, 2019 @ 08:44 AM (Staff Bios)
If you’re a fan of MOBAs, you’ve probably heard of League of Legends, DOTA 2, and Heroes of the Storm. But before almost all of them – in fact, around the same time League of Legends was first created – there was Heroes of Newerth. Despite never being as popular as its competitors, it had a small cluster of fans, even a few diehard ones, that allowed the game to exist and even grow over a decade. But all things must come to an end; it seems like Heroes of Newerth is finally showing signs of defeat.

Specifically, it was noted that the latest patch notes from Heroes of Newerth states:

"At this moment in time, patch 4.7.3 is planned to be the final patch that contains major content and major changes. Future HoN patches will generally consist of a small amount of balance changes and/or bugfixes, if they are deemed necessary.

…Tributes to certain staff members have been put into some item flavour tooltips to thank them for all their hard work throughout the game!"

So that means when the patch is launched on February 26, it’s very likely that the game will stop being updated. That typically means the end of the line for a game, and Heroes of Newerth probably won’t be an exception, but since they’re not shutting down the servers, it’s not impossible for dedicated fans to keep the game up and running for the next couple of years, even if there isn’t any new content.

Predictably, on the forums, things have been both gloomy and retrospective as fans come to grips with the fact their MOBA of choice is finally coming to an end. The developers, on the other hand, haven’t had much to say, but if there’s good news it’s that their team is working on multiple games, not just HoN, so hopefully, no one will be losing their jobs as a result of this slow shutdown.

In any case, hats off to you, Heroes of Newerth. You survived where others gave in and made people happy in the process. We’ll be worse off without ya.


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