Adult Game Subverse Pairs Up with Racist YouTuber, Backlash Ensues

Adult Game Subverse Pairs Up with Racist YouTuber, Backlash Ensues

The only adult content in this article is an acknowledgment of the politics of sexual content.

pocru by pocru on Dec 01, 2020 @ 09:41 AM (Staff Bios)
If you haven't heard of Subverse, you're either lying, or you're still in the single-digits of birthdays. Pitched as a "high-quality porn game" by Studio FOW, Subverse has been in development for a while and can be summarized as "Mass Effect if it was super horny and had no pretense of seriousness", judging by the Steam description (which I will not be linking to) and previous interviews with the developers.

Well, it seems as if the game is closing in on being complete, as recently, they've decided to give a famous Youtuber an exclusive early look so they can hype up the finished product. Normal enough business, except the YouTuber in question was one Arch. The guy who was blacklisted by Creative Assembly for calling them "cuck beta leftists." And who has a second YouTube channel dedicated to immigration, Islam, and other topics where he expresses what could generously be called not very PC opinions.

So there was some immediate and angry backlash, which caused the developers to issue this... not really "apology" as much as it is a "statement."

To start, lets keep Subverse as a game for getting off on sex and not politics, it’s best for everyone.

In terms of the previous statement regarding Arch, we were bombarded suddenly with posts from different political groups, and as a result we acted in haste. After all, we are only titty software developers but suddenly we found ourselves in a political debate.

We would like to make it absolutely clear, we have no problems with Arch personally. We simply wanted him to showcase some of our gameplay together, which Arch did professionally and he was very gracious with his time.

We appreciate his time and want to say we are sorry for jumping into a politically charged situation so quickly. Subverse has no political affiliation, it’s a game to be enjoyed by everyone.

We did not want to offend any fans of Arch, he provides a platform for independent games creators like us to showcase our games.

We love all of our fans regardless of political affiliation and we hope in due time you can forgive us for this unfortunate misunderstanding.

I guess it's a little unfair for a "titty software developer" to address the issue with any tact, but this statement actually makes everything worse. For one, everything is political, even trying to be apolitical. For two, sexuality is a VERY political topic, it's impossible for a game about it to have nothing to say about it. For three, they absolutely should have a problem with Arch personally, as he appears to be a very bad dude. And four: if you're trying to defuse the situation, this isn't how you do it.

Anyway, the situation is still broiling, so if anything new develops I'll... make a note of it.


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