10 Xbox One Multiplayer Games to Bring to Your Next Party

10 Xbox One Multiplayer Games to Bring to Your Next Party

We're only trying to help you prep.

Michelle McLean by Michelle McLean on Sep 11, 2016 @ 09:23 PM (Staff Bios)
Y'know, it's pretty rough nowadays for a console to play host to multiplayer split-screen gaming. Unfortunately, those games that fit the split-screen bill are few and far between.

We can thank the advent of the internet for that.

Nevertheless, these games still exist, buried underneath the onslaught of titles featuring the "online multiplayer" or "online co-op" sticker slapped onto their backs. We've done some soul searching for Xbox One titles that fall under the category of four player (or more!) split-screen that will serve as faithful companions during your next big party or small get together - whatever suits your fancy.

So without further ado, be on the lookout for the following titles to add to your festive arsenal; please keep in mind that this isn't the complete list but instead a good majority of games offering up to four-player (or more!) multiplayer:


First on the list is a once-Steam Greenlit indie title that's all about space capitalism! Arcade space combat and trading blend together and are thrust into an alternate universe where capitalist dinosaurs dominate the galaxy. And what is your role in all of this? Why, to climb to the top of the economic pyramid and earn millions upon millions of the game's currency! But how will you do it? As a bounty hunter, a pirate, a smuggler, or a miner? That's all up to you, my friend. That's all up to you.

With varied ship types, continuous challenge, dynamic factions, and tight controls, there's no reason not to check this out if you're a fan of arcade space combat and in need a party game.

On Steam, the user reviews are mostly positive with complaints learning toward the fact that it's a one-trick-pony type of game - as in, the "Risks" system tend to be the only reason to play the game. "Risks," by the by, are gameplay modifiers capable of being toggled on and off. Each modifier introduces new elements and challenges inside your next run, but for accepting the challenge you'll earn a greater income.

Number of Players: Up to 4.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3
Next on the list is... honestly any Call of Duty title you can play on the Xbox One, but Black Ops is the most recent entry to the franchise. If you're looking for a party first-person shooter, then this title is the one for you. The first-person shooter is blazingly fast, and with wall-running to complement the experience, it generally becomes a silly experience as you and your friends pop caps in each other's asses in the most unique of circumstances.

Highly recommended as party game fodder? You bet.

Number of Players (LAN): Up to 4. 
Couch Co-Op Number of Players: Up to 2.


Diablo 3

Ah, Diablo 3 - a very fun pastime involving hours upon hours of mindless murdering and loot collecting. For those who enjoy the idea of exploring any world, as well as hacking and slashing their way through dungeons and bosses, then this could easily serve as a fun party activity. As a team, you can plow through any enemy that stands before you. Not to mention you'll be able to trade each other items. It is, however, important to keep in mind that the difficulty will scale based on the number of players involved.

Number of Players: Up to 4


Halo: Master Chief Collection

It's certainly not Halo 5 - which has been deemed a disappointment for quite a few people out there - but Halo: Master Chief Collection fits the bill for some split-screen action. Not to mention, we're talking about some of the best FPS titles in existence.

Who wouldn't want to go old-school with some Halo mayhem? Especially in split-screen, multiplayer form?

Yes, I said old-school. Deal with it.

Number of Players: Up to 4

Mimic Arena

Next is a more obscure game, featured as an exclusive to both the Xbox One and the PC. Mimic Arena, is... oh - how do you say - chaotic? We'll go with chaotic here. It's an arena shooter with a twist - more or less, you'll be duking it out against opponents with your past selves. If you die, your past self, or mimic, will be birthed, and join the fray utilizing your previous actions.
Think bright and colorful destruction, my friends, complemented with high energy and quick reflexes. With an assortment of weapons at your disposal, it's best to prepare for any fallout that results from playing Mimic Arena.
Number of Players: Up to 4.



Want to build a unique, expansive world with buddies? Want to survive the perilous wilderness that roughly laid out before you? Or perhaps, maybe you'd prefer to create your own wilderness-themed theme park together or check out some mods that range from silly to OMGWTFBBQ@#$#@$@!?

Then you may want to check out Minecraft.

Oh, Minecraft - so simple in gameplay, yet complex in creation, i.e. "You're provided the tools, now chop-chop."

But it's best not to go alone; take your pals and set out on an adventure that is only blockaded by your own imaaaaaginaaaaation.

Number of Players: Up to 4


Rocket League

To put it bluntly, Rocket League is absolute hell but a fun hell, being based off of its predecessor, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars! Whew, that's still a mouthful. Rocket League is more than just soccer balls and a variety of modes, challenges, and AC cars. It's more about how often can you piss off your friends with your "pro" (read: atrocious utilization of the game's physics) skills.

Rocket League offers tons of fun (and rage) for friends, with 10 billion possible combinations of Battle-Car customizations, unlockable items, and up to 4-player split-screen mode. Oh and if you're feeling especially daring and have a second Xbox One, jump on Xbox Live and play up to 8 players.Highly recommended for the price. It's seriously worth every penny.
Number of Players: Up to 4

Ah, Terraria. It may not be for everyone, but it's what people would consider the "2D Minecraft," complete with creation, survival, and shenanigans. Honestly, it's quite different from Minecraft in so many ways, but the one similarity that they do share is that they both fit snugly into the sandbox survival genre.

During co-op, you'll be able to (potentially) kill each other, construct buildings, or la de da underneath the depths of the earth and defeat only the greatest of baddies.
Number of Players: Up to 4.

How to play split-screen multiplayer (some people actually have a hard time with this):

1. Start the game normally as Player 1.
2. When you spawn into your world, turn on the second controller and press the Start.
3. Select the player account that Player 2 would use (or create one).
4. Select either an existing character or create a new character.
5. Et voila! This applies to all other players interested in joining in the reindeer games.

Towerfall Ascension
Finally, we have Towerfall Ascension, a multiplayer frenzy that's all about dat archery. It offers amazing gameplay for up to four players.

You want mayhem? You got mayhem. You want insanity? Again, you got it. The co-op experience comes in the form of "Quest Mode," which allows players to fight NPCs instead of each other. Think of "horde mode," complete with friendly fire. However, you can always settle for the multiplayer deathmatch. Towerfall Ascension launched on PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Linux, and Mac in 2014, and on the PlayStation Vita in 2015. But hey, it's better late than never right? Especially when you're on the lookout for a four-player split-screen title game.

Number of Players: Up to 4.

Honorable Mention


Forza Horizon 3

This will be available soon - not for a couple of weeks - but Forza Horizon 3 needs to be added to the list. Featuring all sorts of vehicles and the potential of the Australian Outback, Forza Horizon 3 serves as the perfect setting for some four-player action. This is a great thing as other Forza games, especially Forza 6 have been lacking in the multiplayer department.
Unfortunately, there has been no news regarding a split-screen feature, only online co-op, but fingers are crossed nevertheless.


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