Super Smash is Back With Every Previous Fighter

Super Smash is Back With Every Previous Fighter

And featuring that terrifying Teradactyl

Gorg by Gorg on Jun 12, 2018 @ 11:26 AM (Staff Bios)
Everyone has been waiting with bated breath to hear about what's to come in the newest installment in the Super Smash series and the team at Nintendo has given us more than we could have imagined. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will feature every fighter that has ever been playable in the series, from Samus to Pac-Man you be able to take fight to the death with anyone from N64 and on. That is over 60 characters to choose from including all DLC characters from the Wii U.
If that isn't enough for you they also announced that this new Super Smash will not just be a port of the previous titles, this is a brand spankin' new game. This means that all the characters will be reworked and some with entirely new move sets. Nintendo stated that these characters will be much easier to unlock than some of the previous titles, not making you do any extremely difficult tasks to play as your favorite fighter. Even how your character will look in game will be different, you will have access to outfits featuring Cappy for Mario, three different versions of Link with the default Link wearing his Breath of the Wild tunic and Fox and Wolf will take on their look from Star Fox Zero. These are just a few of the many changes being made to character models and outfits.
A couple new stages are coming with the new title, the Moray Towers from Splatoon 2 and the Great Plateau Tower from Breath of the Wild are both available in Ultimate. These and many other stages are all available on release and have Omega forms.
There was one last surprise at the end of all the hype, with so many characters already being included and reworked there isn't very much room to work on anyone new to the series. This isn't going to stop Nintendo from giving us at least one epic new edition, Ridley The Cunning God of Death will now be a playable character and not just a boss. For all those Metroid fans who want to live out their dream of taking out Samus as your favorite evil alien now is your chance.


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