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Geda VX690HD, the No.1 MP4 of the World Has Landed with a Strong Storm

21 September 2009 - 02:29 AM

In an age that HD MP4 takes most of the market share, the two manufacturers Gemei and Angda work together, and promote a new type of MP4---Geda VX690HD.
The resolving power of the 4.3inch screen is 1920*1080 which is superior to the HD MP4 in the market.
The appearance of this MP4 is designed by the engineers, which breaks the situation that all the MP4 are the same.
The thing should be paid special attention to is Geda VX690HD can play the 1080P-wide format video. Even if the code stream reaches 100Mbs, it can cope with it smoothly, which really can be called to play it without conversion. This capability is what RMVB box has.
Posted Image

Geda VX690HD can read the HD DVD and blue ray DVD (Mini Disc), which solves the problem of the disc source. The good capability of the player comes from the excellent processor core. Geda VX690HD adopts the CCAV5400 chips of Chip China Rock. According to the president of Chip China Rock, the comprehensive ability of this chip is above the AMD5400+, here comes the name 5400. Actually, this is a little modest. The ability of this chip is the same as or stronger than the Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9770. But what does CCAV mean? I don’t know as well.
Posted Image

Geda VX690HD also has the exciting capabilities: Wifi and OTZ.
Wifi can let the users surf the net unlimited at a high speed in the area covered by the network, this is known by lots of players.
OTZ is the short form of Open the Zoo. This is the concept raised by the Global Mobile Equipment Association. Once you have the OTZ means you have got a Laptop, it can link the equipments with a USB interface. Geda VX690HD support switching to the OTZ mood, which simplifies the progresses.
Meanwhile, Geda VX690HD is equipped with the Entel top touch screen; it supports five fingers work at the same time, which is superior to the performance of IPhone.
Posted Image

Have you notice the interface? Geda VX690HD can use the Windos3.1/Windos95/Windos98/WindosNT/WindosXP/Windos2003/WindosVista/Windos7 series operating system. The president of Chip China Rock said that they will add the support of the UNIX system.
The most exciting function of Geda VX690HD is the simulator of the games. It can simulate most of the games in the market, even including the games in the platform of PlayStation. This is closely related to the operating capacity of the chips of Chip China Rock.
Posted Image

The CCAV5400 chip whose main frequency is 5.40GHz which is higher than the common PC is just as its name. Meanwhile, Chip China Rock adopts the manufacturing technology of 4.5namo chips from “SONI”. It integrates 64 cores in the only 1square centimeter of silicon wafer. That is to say, CCAV5400 is a processor is of 64 cores. The chip of the daily Pc that the present common technology produced is only 4 cores to the most, and the 6 cores are still under testament. However, the CCVA5400 has 64 cores. We can say that Chip China Rock has beyond the earth and human beings!Posted Image

According to the introduction of the main designer of the system structure Hua Xinwei, CCAV5400 has no any video processing modules, but depends on its strong capability to soft decode the videos. We can see from the picture (the sketch map of the single core of CCAV5400) shown below that there is no any video processing parts. Some people say that soft decode is less efficient and less direct than hard decode. It is true. Compared with soft decode, hard decode can indeed save lots of electrical power. In the condition of consuming the same energy, the hard decode has better quality. However, under the frequency of 5.40, whatever video can be played, not mention that it is under 64 cores process. That is to say, CCAV5400 can play whatever the player software can play.

Posted Image

With such a strong chip, lots of films can be played. The more the films, the more space they will take. The storage capacity of the flash MP4 in the market takes the most part. Usually, a film is about between 200 and 800 MB, while the HD film is about several GB. Considering this, Geda VX690HD adopts the solid-state hard drive developed by the eastern data. It is known to us that when the common HD is processing, the disc inside is rotating. While after adopting the new SHDD technology of the eastern data, instead of rotating the disc, the magnetic head rotates. This could protect the atom of the disc from the centripetal force when rotating at a high speed, and this protect the data, meanwhile increases the HD’s capacity. Geda VX690HD uses the 1.8 inch SHDD HD whose capacity is 4TB (4090GB).Posted Image

It needs not only the capability of playing the video, but also the high-quality audio processing chips. The audile and visual feeling adding the famous movie can only be described by one word --- cool! Geda VX690HD adopts the IMusic12345chip of the Imp3 Company. IMusic12345 is a 32 bit low-cost stereo codec, as well as an audio output chip of high integration and high capability. IMusic12345 provides sufficient power to the each channel of the stereo headset with 10W. What does 10W mean? The power of a common speaker tape is only 0.5W. There is a 5 inch speaker here, whose power is 5W. Its speaker is larger than the headset. The 10 W output is of very strong power, which can be called as luxury set. The users can bravely choose the high level headset, even the high-power subwoofer. It provides the user with the excellent pictures as well as the high level audile enjoyment of the cinema level.

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