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In Topic: Geda VX690HD, the No.1 MP4 of the World Has Landed with a Strong Storm

21 September 2009 - 02:32 AM

Some people say that there is something wrong with the HD of the VX690HD; they say it is not the solid-state HD. If you are serious, you will fail. There should be some explain. The solid-state HD that VX690HD uses is not the common SSD HD, but SHDD HD. The storage media of the SSD HD is flash memory, while the SHDD HD uses one or more Aluminum or glass disc the same as the HDD HD. The operation process of the HDD HD is the rotation of the disc, and the movement of the magnetic head is very small. As for the operation process of the SHDD HD, the disc is static compared with the HD, and it is the magnetic head moves. Therefore, it is named as solid-state HD. The HD that adopts the SHDD technology increases the HD’s shock resistance due to the irritation of the disc. Meanwhile, because the disc doesn’t rotate, the atom in it will not move due to the centripetal force. Therefore, the SHDD technology takes or put down the atom from the disc by the magnetic head. The place that the atom has been taken is scanned will form a low voltage, which is numbered as 0 in the computer language, and the place with no space is numbered as 1. Theoretically speaking, if one atom that has been taken is a data, then a disc can store a large number of data. But the SHDD technology is not that mature at present, it can only take 10^5 atoms at one time. Therefore, the memory space of VX690HD’s HD has only 4TB capacity.
Posted Image

What does the code “Piacepy” mean? There isn’t such a word in the dictionary, but it reads like something, doesn’t it?
VX690HD Materials is supplied by
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The evaluation of Geda VX690HD
(Now it’s time to test the capability of the modem.)
The evaluation started.

The weather is fine today; I went home eagerly for the Geda VX690HD had arrived. I asked the security for the package, put it on the table and did something I would never forget for a whole life--- go to the toilet. (Who is joking? Nobody will have the intension to evaluate something if he wants to go to the toilet.)
I unfolded the package, and the MP4 appeared. This one is very different from the other MP4. Other packages are of single color, while this one is pretty good. It is true that this MP4 has breaks the same appearance of the regular MP4. For it is a model machine, there are the words “No selling” on it.
Compare the package of Geda VX690HD with the package of Gemei X-690HD, AngdaVX787 and Angda 767.

The back side:
Posted Image

There are four direction keys, four function keys, tow L/R keys, one rocker, one OTZ key, two volume increase/ decrease keys, a screen resolving power changing key, a select key, a start key, a fixed ring for rope, a T-shape USB interface, a Wifi switch, a video output port, a headphone connector and an on-off key. There is a place in the side which is like a place for card but actually not and a hole which is like the hole for charger but actually not. I will explain them later.
There are two small holes beside the USB interface. Maybe they are used to fix something, but I don’t know.Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Then I opened it. It shocked me after I opened it. What appeared was the familiar picture of the WindowsXp processing bar. Can the MP4 operate WindowsXP? Is it a startup image or a real XP?
Posted Image

I got the confirmation 3 seconds later that it is a real WindowsXP. They are the same desktop and icon. I feel it is not so comfortable to use the touch screen. The two keys on the left and right side of the body is used as the left/right key of the mouse. Move the mouse to the icon and then press the L key twice means to open it. The speed of running software is much quicker than my desk-top (AMD3800+;Weigang 1GB DDR2 667 X 2). Maybe it is because it hasn’t installed any software. However, the scene appeared 2 minutes later shocked me a lot. The desktop changed as shown in the picture below.Posted Image

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