A Competitive Mode Might Be Coming to Fortnite

A Competitive Mode Might Be Coming to Fortnite

Key word there is might.

Gorg by Gorg on May 16, 2018 @ 06:38 PM (Staff Bios)
With millions of players still duking it out to get the number one spot in Fortnite, some of the more advanced players might have been looking at more challenging fights in the months to come. After the release of Update 4.2, which featured an apple healing item and the long-awaited epic and legendary burst assault rifles, some players decided to dig deeper into the patch's files.

A data-miner (this community loves data-miners) searched through the files of the new patch to find a Competitive Mode that may be on its way to the Fortnite world.

In the game files shown below, there is a new "Comp" folder that was added.

One can only imagine what that might be hinting at. The section it was found in, "Playlists," is the same section that featured limited time modes, including High Explosives and Solid Gold.

After looking closer, the assumption could be made that it might only be solo play that has a competitive mode. Why? There is no mention of duos or squads in the files. Although this could just mean that solo is the only test subject for said playlist, only time will tell if you can your friends can climb the ranks in Fortnite together.


The real question is how this will affect streamers of the game, like other competitive games (League of Legends and Hearthstone).

Typically, only the best of the best streamers are bringing in the big numbers on streams, while the fun personalities sit back and collect what they can in viewers. We can only sit and wait for any more announcements about this possible new addition, but either way, we can only expect viewership to rise.


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