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Favorite Mobile games - IOS/W.Market/Android

25 March 2014 - 05:56 PM

So I figured I'll start a thread on Mobile device games and people's favorite *legit* games that they find themselves playing or going back to often when they're not on their console/PC.


*By legit games I mean not one of those millions of money grabbing "strategy" or flavor of the month cloned crap games (Flappy bird) with over the top b.s. in-app purchases.

I'll start with the handful that I've found to be fun (with $ amount if they were not free), in no particular order:


IOS/Ipad 2:


1. Infinity Blade II ($6) - Great graphics, fun sword/axe slashing gesture gameplay (Unreal 3 engine!)

2. Hill Climb Racing -- The one and only!

3. SAS Zombie Assault 3 (I actually prefer the PC browser version)

4. Strike Fleet

5. Deep Dungeons of Doom (Roguelike)



1. Hill Climb Racing -- Haha yyyyup. This will be on every device that I can find available!

2. Drag Racing 4x4 (last year's vesion anyway)

3. Deep Dungeons of Doom - Great fun take on Roguelikes

4. Pixel Dungeon - Another graphically 'neat' Roguelike

5. SAS Zombie Assault 3

6. Hero Siege - Top view realtime hack 'n' slash RPG/Roguelike

7. FrozenFront - Turn Based WW2 tactics game.



Right, most of these are so called "free" apps, and DO have in-app purchases, BUT they are not overly difficult to play as a 'free' game and I did not find myself needing to dish out cash to 'pay to win' in order to enjoy them at all, at least when I first got them or last played them.

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