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11 September 2009 - 08:45 PM

Wow there is a huge gap missing right between the fps games and the rts games that you listed. there are heaps more games that have been massive hits (at least at the lans that ive been to/hosted)
Here are some games that are a bit more left field but still very fun none the less:
Armagetron - Really fun, Simple, Easy to install and configure game. Similar to snake (on your old phone) but multiplayer
Tee Worlds - - if you dont have it, then you should get it. again another small simple but very fun game that can be played on lan.
Alien VS Predator - This game is getting old now but still a really fun game that is never mentioned enough IMHO
Babo Violent - Yet another small lan game but this is a great (and sometimes very competitive) lan game that although it wont be a game that you can play for more than a few hours it is still very fun.
Defense Of The Ancients - i know you mentioned WC3 but i feel that DOTA needs a mention all to itself. This map for WC3 is so popular at lans that the people who play it are usually put into their own section of the hall/house and the rest of us just try to fit around them with the little space that is left.
Pirates VS Vikings VS Knights - PVK is a source mod that although not very popular is a good laugh if you are struggling to find new games to play with friends.

To add a few more to your list of good FPS and RTS lan games:
Warsow - similar to Quake 3 (runs of same engine) much more fast paced than most fps games that you find around.
System Shock 2 - coop FPS lan play! need i say more?

These are all i can think of at the moment, but if you are finding it hard to think of any lan games to play with your mates or even at a large lan then please PM me and i'll be more than happy to see if i can remember a few more great lan games.

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