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Games on iTunes Apps vs. free Flash games on the internet

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Posted 01 February 2012 - 03:38 PM

So I must make an observation about Apple and it's dominance over the sheep. Yes, I find Apple, its products and fans a little bit annoying while not offering anything special when I started digging into their product line.

Not owning an Apple product and refusing to pay for one, I perhaps unfairly judged the products as being overpriced mediocrity mass marketed (very well) to promote sales, while offering an almost "elite club member" feel to the owners who swear by its product. My opinion of course, and I don't HATE Apple, I am glad they give their competitors something to compete with. However I don't like how their products are designed for the end user experience. By that I mean the many glaring limitations they put on their products, at least what I consider limitations from my own tech geek perspective.

Here are a few examples of why I find their offerings/design a little annoying personally. You can't use the iPhone/iPad/iPod as a simple USB file transfer device without going through some hassle of cracking its software first or running some hacks. It simply won't allow you to hook it up to one PC, copy some random files, and then copy them over to another PC like you can with a $30 MP3 player or even my HTC HD2 smartphone (i.e. like a USB drive), for that matter.

The batteries on the iPad, and iPhone for example, are enclosed and cannot be easily replaced (if at all) by the end user..send your product in to Apple to get it fixed. I don't find that particular quality to be very attractive. I'm a hands on guy, and like to take care of such mundane issues myself at my convenience. Sure, batteries don't exactly die out that often, but the principle still annoys me.

Ok, so Im starting to rant again....

Getting to my point, I was gifted an iPad 2 recently last year. Being a gamer, I decided I'll search for some free games and other cool apps on there - there has to be something decent, after all the internet is chock full of free Flash games and whatnot that I enjoy now and then. Oh wait, what's this? No FLASH support on the iOS? Oh that's stupid. Or is it? So I go on the itunes store, browsing 50,000 games or more on there. I find Angry Birds, having never played it before, I'm hooked. I buy the full version soon after beating the demo. Cheap, good, fun. Excellent!

Ok there must be more games. So I start looking into my favorite genres. Strategy, simulation, RPG, arcade etc. Well I notice a pattern. Most are the same crapola rehashed over and over, to basically get the user to pay them money to be able to access any kind of decent content in their games. Fine, they want to get paid for their efforts, I have no problem (I did buy Angry Birds after all). But what's this, pay to win crap? Pay to access any content in "Free" games? So this really isn't free at all, and NO I'm not talking about "demos" either. Most games I've found are simplified, dumbed down gimmicks designed to just get your money with little or no inspiration.

Am I being harsh? Perhaps a little. Maybe not. I can log onto the internet, google 'free flash games' and have access to thousands of free FLASH games that do not ask me to pay to play, have proper game modes, gameplay and features, have just as many user reviews of said games, as iTunes has on its store, and in general allow me to choose from many, MANY more great games to play over a PC browser than I can find through the hundreds of games I've browsed through on iTunes and had no wish to bother trying, never mind PAYING for to play.

I have not looked into why iOS won't support FLASH animation/software/apps but I can see that just the possibility to play ANY game I want for free (to my end) off the internet would drive down their iTunes app store game sales perhaps? Maybe that's their motivator?Or perhaps it is security concerns? Well, whatever it is, it's yet another nail in the coffin for Apple from my perspective as a customer.

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