Sausage Sports Club Review: Fantastically Floofy Fun

Sausage Sports Club Review: Fantastically Floofy Fun

100% pure, good vibes.

LizardRock by LizardRock on Aug 28, 2018 @ 10:53 AM (Staff Bios)

There's a plethora of dark, edgy, brooding, or otherwise serious games in the world. The mid-2000s brought the trend to the forefront of the industry. But sometimes, I want something different. I want soft, squishy, and silly. Few games emulate that idea more than Sausage Sports Club.

Based on the images presented, you may have guessed that that this game has nothing to do with the popular meat form. Even so, I couldn't think of a better, more accurate representation of this game than with the name "Sausage Sports Club." But what IS it?


It's a multiplayer "sports" game. Players choose one of the many long-necked animals to play as, and they compete against each other in a variety of score based game modes ranging from soccer to sumo. The players can dash, jump, and even control the direction that their lengthy heads flop about.

Everything good about Sausage Sports Club is quick and easy to see. The overall aesthetic is pleasing, jumping in and playing a quick game is free of any hassle, and the games available are equally engaging. Being able to identify exactly what I enjoyed about the title was refreshing compared to other games that require depth and effort to grasp the full quality within.


If eye candy is something strong and sweet to look at, then this game is pure eye vanilla. It felt smooth and warm, visually speaking. The animals' portraits, as well as the game's pleasant color palette, portray positive vibes throughout the entirety of the game. A concept that is reinforced in the story mode's premise. Sprinkle in the wide selection of hats for customizing your character, and you have something simple and feel-good to play after you've had a long day.

Using the main menu's quick play option, you could jump in and play with virtually no wait. I decided to test this by timing myself. From the moment I selected the game in the Switch menu, it took exactly 54 seconds before I was actively playing a game of Capture the Flag against a computer player. This functionality fits perfectly on the Switch console and its portable nature.


Alternatively, they offer a story mode, which introduces the player to the Sausage Sports Club game show. This gives the player various small dramas amongst other NPCs participating in the show, all of which are resolved in the form of a game. I mildly enjoyed having these small, in-lore excuses to play the Sumo game, even if they were silly things like "your mixtape wasn't very good." It was also very satisfying to hear the show host declare me the Sausage Sports Club champion at the end of the season. The story mode is most likely ideal for younger audiences, based on the overall tone and writing, but that didn't stop me from enjoying it.

Though no game is perfect. Even Sausage Sports Club has a few flaws here and there. Fortunately, these flaws are all minor, at best. Some of them aren't even a flaw, as much as a stipulation. But I'll get to that shortly.


Throughout the entirety of my playthrough, I found myself wanting. Specifically wanting that lizard character as a playable option! But after winning my first season of adventure mode, the only new character I had unlocked was Remy the bat. Since the game is best played in a party with friends, I felt like my chance to sploop around as a gator was going to be more effort than I could spare. If I knew what more it would take to unlock the additional characters, it may not have been such a bother having to grind for them so much.

Older players may be taken aback by the family-friendly style and humor of the game. Everything is very happy and wholesome, even when drama is happening. If you're someone who likes you games like your coffee, bitter, then you might find the writing childish. Inversely, this is likely a fantastic game for kids. A statement that I can say as confidently as any single adult male with no children can say, that is.


Sausage Sports Club is full of immediate enjoyment and well-made content, with only a few minor inconveniences. The game's greatest limitations are with its style and design, which may not appeal to all audiences. If you're looking for something happy and problem free to unwind with, a silly party game with friends, or just something wholesome and fun for the kids, I definitely recommend this game.


Sausage Sports Club is developed and published by Chris Wade, with some assistance by Tom Dunkin, Marty Meinerz, and Brice Pils. The game is available on Nintendo Switch and Steam PC for $15. More information can be found on the Sausage Sports Club website.


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