Crashday: Redline Edition Is Coming to Steam

Crashday: Redline Edition Is Coming to Steam

This ain't yo grandma's demolition derby.

Michelle McLean by Michelle McLean on Jul 17, 2017 @ 11:21 AM
Cars. Destruction. Multiplayer. A classic.

It's a demolition derby, but it's not your grandma's demolition derby. Oh no, it's Crashday, and Crashday: Redline Edition is heading your way.

This multiplayer classic is heading to Steam in August 2017, and it will be completely overhauled. But first, this little bit of news: this version was created by the original developers of the 2006 PC racing title Crashday, so expect the same gameplay as before, but better. How so?

The Redline Edition comes complete with all of the original game's content and modes, plus over 100 bug fixes and gameplay improvements, fully remastered graphics, new cars and tracks, enhanced mod support with Steam Workshop, Steam achievements, Steam Trading Cards, and more!

As for modes? Expect Hold the Flag, Pass the Bomb, Bomb Run, Race Mode, Stunt Show Mode, Wrecking Match, and Test Drive Mode for modes.

Crashday: Redline Edition will be available for digital download on Steam for just $11.99 on August 10, 2017.


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