Bethesda Games On Sale For QuakeCon 2018

Bethesda Games On Sale For QuakeCon 2018

Unless you only own a Switch, sorry.

Gorg by Gorg on Aug 09, 2018 @ 05:41 PM (Staff Bios)
To no one's surprise with the start of QuakeCon 2018 almost every major platform is getting sales for their respective Bethesda and id Software games. Thousands of people will be attending to fight for victory or to just enjoy the fellow gaming community but if you didn't get the chance to attend QuakeCon this year, feel free to play some games in the comfort of your own living room for a discounted price.
For the PC the DOOM franchise games are up to 75% off while massive titles like Skyrim and Fallout 4 don't even break the $20 mark. The sale is pretty much everywhere you can download games on PC, Green Man Gaming is offering an extra 15% on anything within the QuakeCon sale with the code EXTRA15. Don't be scared to shop at Green Man Gaming for fear of downloading another installer, you will still be downloading from Steam after they send you a key.
PS4 and Xbox One gamers area also getting a taste of the action with similar sales on both platforms. The best deals definitely come in the form of two game bundles such as Dishonored 2 and Prey for only $25.99 and even Fallout 4: Game of the Year Edition paired with Skyrim Special Edition for only $39.99. That is hundreds of hours of premium gameplay for only forty dollars.
If you're a switch player who really wanted to grab that DOOM for your portable device but didn't want to pay full price you might have to wait a little bit longer for it to go on sale, no official Switch eShop QuakeCon sale has been announced.


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