The Ever-Evolving Landscape of Gaming

The Ever-Evolving Landscape of Gaming

From 8Bit to VR, the game has changed...

Ranga14 by Ranga14 on Jul 11, 2019 @ 09:58 PM (Staff Bios)
People around the world, and of all ages, love escaping the day-to-day grind by jumping headfirst into their favorite fantasy lands, courtesy of some of their favorite video games.
Once thought to be the ground occupied by kids and nerds, video games are now embraced by folks of all ages, colors, and loved by men and women alike.

Video gaming has come a long way in the last decade alone, with consoles that can provide graphics that look almost life-like now occupying space beside TVs all around the world, games that provide a sense of community and challenge gamers to play online alongside their friends, and even games that let you escape into virtual reality to enjoy the game as if you were really there.

Things have really evolved in the gaming landscape, and they are only going to keep evolving into the future.

Lets explore some of the biggest evolutions in gaming recently, as well as some of the options for networking equipment that will provide gamers the best experience for connecting their consoles and PCs to the internet to provide lag-free gaming at blisteringly fast speeds.

Consoles: Tried and True, With a Twist

Every gamer can remember the first time they delved headfirst into the world of gaming. For folks who were coming of age in the late Eighties and early Nineties, they may well remember their first introduction to gaming as the original Nintendo Entertainment System with its hugely popular Mario, Zelda, and Metroid franchises, or maybe the Sega Genesis, which gave us the great Sonic the Hedgehog series.

Those 8-bit side-scrollers were huge in their time, but todays consoles make them look like, well, childs play!

Consoles of today, like the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and the Nintendo Switch, are absolute powerhouses. They can provide beautiful gaming experiences with amazing graphics that look almost life-like, rendering games at an amazing 60 frames per second.

These consoles also allow gamers to connect to the internet and play their favorite multiplayer games with friends in real-time, which is a huge draw for people who love first-person shooter (FPS) games such as Halo, Call of Duty, and Battlefield, or fantasy-driven massive multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) such as Elder Scrolls Online and Phantasy Star Online.

When playing games online with your friends, you want to have a perfect multiplayer experience, not one riddled with lag and connection issues.

There are plenty of new Wi-Fi options on the market that can help address issues like this that many gamers face with their home Wi-Fi setups, such as the Google Wifi mesh system, eero router, or the TP-Link AC1200 Smart Router. Readers looking to get informed on some of these great options for smart Wi-Fi systems can look to sources such as to read the best reviews for some of the latest and greatest options.

PC Master Race?

Many gamers still love playing on their computers, and there is no problem with that! PC gamers, affectionately referred to as the PC Master Race by many in the gaming community, love to build their own specialized rigs dedicated to gaming.

There are a myriad of options out there for people getting into PC gaming, and one of the most popular providers of games to computer gamers is the wildly popular Steam platform. Popular online games for PC gamers have existed for years, and more are coming out every year.

Many PC gamers enjoy the wildly popular World of Warcraft series from Blizzard, while some of the more popular newer games coming out are titles like Fortnite and Playerunknowns Battleground.

With so many options available for PC gamers, and the cornucopia of different mods and builds PC gamers can add to their machines for extra functionality, such as graphics cards, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

What if someone literally wants to escape into their games? Explore virtual worlds as if they were actually there? Turns out, gamers have that option, too!

Virtual Reality: The Final Frontier

Years ago, virtual reality was a fringe notion, something that existed in sci-fi flicks and B-films such as The Lawnmower Man.

Nowadays, its not an idea thats not on the fringes, but something that is actively being developed and is available to gamers and virtual reality enthusiasts right now, through platforms such as the wildly popular Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive.

Surprisingly affordable and easy to set up, gamers can now escape into virtual worlds in games such as Eve: Valkyrie and the blockchain-based, cryptocurrency-driven effort Decentraland. Popular games for consoles have also been reimagined as virtual reality experiences, such as LA Noir, Fallout, and Skyrim.

Virtual reality games provide a truly immersive experience, allowing players to strap on a headset to see the world around them. In-game movements are tracked by either a dedicated controller (some utilize Xbox One controllers or the Playstation Dualshock controllers), or full-body tracking which uses specialized controllers that enable players to raise their hands to point an in-game weapon. Some of these specialized controllers can be seen on the Oculus Rift platform.

Big name companies are now getting involved in the virtual reality space as well, with Facebook acquiring the Oculus VR company in 2014, and other big-name tech companies like Google getting in on the virtual reality fun with its new Daydream platform, enabling almost anyone to experience virtual reality using only their Android smartphones and the dedicated Daydream VR headset.

Samsung has also jumped on this bandwagon, providing the Gear VR headset for anyone who owns a compatible Samsung Galaxy phone to turn their devices into virtual reality experiences.

Whats Next For Gaming?

The technological landscape keeps evolving, and that is especially true in the realm of gaming.

With more exceedingly powerful consoles being announced for 2020 releases, alternate reality becoming a bigger platform for companies such as Google and Apple, as well as Google announcing its brand new game-streaming service, Stadia, this year, the future of gaming has never looked brighter.

These are definitely some of the best days to be a gamer, and its only going to get better from here!


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