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how to setup a lan center

22 August 2010 - 09:02 PM

Hi my name is Jason Lynch I live in theBAHAMAS i had seen one or two lan centers in the US.but i have no idea of how the work as we have no lan centers in the bahamas so am seeking Help on how to set one up. any info will be great full. I want to open a LAN gaming center with probably 6pc's, 5-10 XBOX 360's, and maybe a couple PS3's and WII's. My question to you is this. how do i controle how long a person can play . what system's do i need in place. i know for the pc's i can use a webcafe software to controle the pc's and wifi. but for the console's how to controle them and keep track of how long a person can play and auto shut/lock them out . What do you recomend.

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