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Command & Conquer 4

15 July 2009 - 09:30 PM

EA have announced C&C4

Press Statement Below


YAH ^_^

Windows 7 beta

11 February 2009 - 07:25 PM

I recently downloaded the Windows 7 beta and installed it as an upgrade to vista [i dual booted xp/vista] just to see if there was much improvement. Having been foolish enough to install a copy of vista that was given to me ;) on a separate drive, i gave it a go, and in my eyes it was rubbish. It was too taxing on ones system, wasn't compatible with many of my older games [generally having to find a fix on the internet for many of my games], a lot of silly little additions...that were pointless and crashed too often. Whilst it was a rather pretty OS, it sucked, even the updates were rubbish and didn't fix a thing. When i heard about Windows 7 beta from a friend, i was a bit cautious before i dived my head into it, but from a few other friends, i heard many good things. I gave it a go and I'm happy with it, to a point were i might do away with Windows XP when Windows 7 comes out. It doesn't chew your system to shreds, looks good plus lots of nice little bits and pieces/changes to the whole system. If you have an extra hard drive, give it a go, you can get it from Microsoft for free.

Give it a go.

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