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The Facebook Generation Fails at Computing

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Posted 29 June 2011 - 02:06 PM

Alright, this is a quick one.

Almost every kid and their grandma in the United states literally have a facebook page. These 'kids', anywhere from 8-10 up to 20+ years old, also play lots of games on Facebook, as well as using its instant messaging feature to communicate with their friends online.

My rant is about how useless these 'kids' are to themselves when it comes to doing simple things on a computer. They play Farmville and Mafia Wars, and whatever else assorted games based on a platform or app that runs in their internet BROWSER. They chat using the in-built chat/IM feature on facebook.

Unfortunately some of my friends, and I, more and more so recently have noticed the toll this way of 'utilizing' the internet is taking. My one computer/internet savvy friend in particular is the other day was peeved about how someone he's talking to will have NO idea what the hell an internet forum/message board is and no concept of anything like that. I had to LOL when he first told me this, because I was under the belief that today's kids are more internet savvy and would be used to forums and all that they can do, after all I am registered on at least 6-7 different forums and see other users on there, of all age groups.

His example was of an instance where he copy-pasted a link to a news article he wrote, and sent it to another person in facebook chat. We'll call this person "HURDER." (If your name by some unfortunate chance happens to be Hurder, and find this example offensive, then by all means, let the deserving party have it. Blame your parents!).

Moments later....

Posted Image

HURDER: "wut im lookin at?"

HURDER could not figure out it was a news article with the content IN THE FACE, and a little box that basically says "Add Comment," which is what my friend was asking for, to add comments.

That's just one example. With that 'incident' fresh in my mind now, I come across a couple of more gems, while browsing a favorite game forum of mine. It's a game you have to register for online, then download, then install, then click the game icon on your desktop to launch the game to play it.
These 2 kids (and I swear they must really be only 13-15 years old, surprised they actually knew how to use a forum...but that's another story) both were having trouble running a game.

Kid #1 was complaining that he's staring at the game screen but there was no start/play button. Many people asked exactly what the screen showed, if he had downloaded it, or installed it, basically asking for more info (because we all know that mind reading a helpless noob is second nature for us forum veterans).

Kid #2, was complaining he had no way of running the game.

"....When I to download this game twice and it still won't let me play the game so i try it again still won't let me play. Can someone help me out I'm about to jump of a bridge if it doesn't work. SO PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Well at least I give him 1 point for actually downloading the game.

Well come to find out, Kid #1 was staring at the **d d**n game website this entire time and had not even DOWNLOADED the game. he as assuming the game ran within the browser.

Kid #2, didn't even bother responding to the now month old thread where other commenters tried to help him, and has not played a single match on that game, sadly due to his/her (ok it is 99.999% a 'his') inability to figure out how to download and install a game on a computer. After most probably staring at the instructions right on the website where he registered.

These are few of many examples of the incompetent 'FB generation' that cannot figure anything out to save their life, other than the internet starts with and ends at Facebook.

What do you think, oh wise reader? Is this a pattern you're seeing too, or am I just an elitest jerk who can't remember what it was like trying to figure out what to type at the C:\ prompt to get on to the internetz on my DOS 4.0 286 machine in 1995?
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Posted 29 June 2011 - 02:16 PM

Don't hate HURDER! Damn fb kids.
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