The Top 9 Halloween-Suitable Music Tracks from Non-Horror Games

The Top 9 Halloween-Suitable Music Tracks from Non-Horror Games

Sometimes they don't even have to be a horror game.

Michelle McLean by Michelle McLean on Oct 31, 2017 @ 06:14 AM (Staff Bios)
Happy Halloween everyone! It's that time of year, right before the rush of the holidays (and either the time for consoles and games or gaming-related gift cards). There are many people who celebrate by dressing up and partying, taking their children out to go trick-or-treating, going to the movies for a fright, or simply staying at home, either handing out treats or pulling pranks on the youngsters... or both.

Personally, I'll fall into the category of staying at home with a loved one, chowing down on candy, and renting some horror flicks - maybe PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds: The Movie?

Okay, so no PUBG movie exists, but a battle royale-based film that goes by the name of Battle Royale is available, and I highly recommend that you watch it (and/or read the novel of the same name).

Anyway, so enough rambling. This article does not focus on movies, the best costumes to wear, or what you'll be doing.

Oh no, we're going to delve into the realm of obscure topics and highlight the spookiest video game OST tracks... that are not found in a frightening video game.

Yeah, it's been done before, but not very often, so let's tackle this list, beginning with...

Sonic - Drowning theme

Yes, this counts as a track. No, you do not ever want to encounter said track. The tone of the theme picks up as each second passes, and you, as Sonic the Hedgehog, are floundering along underwater, attempting to inhale that oh-so-precious air bubble. But you cannot find any - it's as if the waters are conspiring against you. Dread weighs heavy on your heart as each quickening tick brings you to doom. Three seconds, two seconds, one second, and nothing. You drown. And wow, does this theme imprint itself in your head. It doesn't exude a vibe of creepiness, oh no. Instead, it injects you with downright fear ... It's possible to definitely feel traumatized after listening to this.
Chrono Trigger - Strains of Insanity

Oh man, oh man, oh man. Fun personal fact: I've played Chrono Cross before I've played Chrono Trigger, and I'll be the first - and possibly only - person to admit Cross to Trigger. So with that being said, Chrono Trigger still is fantastic in a myriad of regards - from the music to the story, it's simply a wild ride. And in the spirit of Halloween, the Strains of Insanity is an absolutely perfect selection. Even if you are unaware of the context of this theme, you can still understand the dismal, spooky tone Strains of Insanity emits.
Secret of Mana - Ceremony

As much as I'd prefer Lich's theme, "Ceremony" trumps when it comes to the creepy tone. Lich's theme, while creepy, just is far too... upbeat? Yeah, I think that may be the best descriptor for the track. Anyway, "Ceremony" is right up there in terms of spooky factor. When you hear this theme for the first time, what may come to mind is a cult. Or at least, that's what comes to my mind.
Super Paper Mario - River Twygz Bed

Final Fantasy VII - Trail of Blood

Undertale - But Nobody Came

NieR Automata - The Copied City

This track is an example of eerie blended with wonderment and beauty. For context, the Copied City, a black and white location lurking deep within the cave in City Ruins, highlight's man's architecture, as stated by one of the game's antagonists, Adam. Not only does this area reflect loneliness, but so doesn't the theme. You're left wondering, "What in the world happened to humanity?" The area and its theme emit a sense of emptiness and falsehood, which can potentially reflect a person's soul.
The Legend of Zelda - Omen of the Bloody Moon

Final Fantasy XIV - Reprise


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