The Evil Within 2 Is Out On PC, Xbox One, and PS4

The Evil Within 2 Is Out On PC, Xbox One, and PS4

Sebastian Castellanos is back in this action-horror experience

LizardRock by LizardRock on Oct 13, 2017 @ 08:06 AM
The long-anticipated sequel to the popular action-horror game developed by Tango and published by Bethesda has been released! The Evil Within 2 is the next-in-line iteration of Sebastian Castellanos' story. Like before, this game has been directed by Shinji Mikami, most notable for the Resident Evil games, and it's not hard to see the similarities.

In the first Evil Within, the player controls Detective Sebastian Castellanos as he experiences an alternate world full of horrible monsters and frightening locations. His goal is to escape and understand the events surrounding him. You play through a 3rd person perspective as you carefully navigate a world of traps and fend off gruesome beasts with various guns or melee gear.

In The Evil Within 2, you play as the very same Sebastian Castellanos. Having lost everything, only one happenstance could convince him to go back to freaky-deek land; to save his daughter. Now, he must track through this despised land in order to save the person most important to him. Of course, it's never that easy.

Footage and previews from critics have shown solid promise that this game will hold up as well as the previous title.

Check out The Evil Within 2 on Steam, your console's market app, or in a physical game store, all priced at your standard $60. Unfortunately, today marks the North American release; if you live in Japan, you'll have to wait six more days before it will land on shelves in your area.


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