Overwatch League: London Spitfire Come Out on Top

Overwatch League: London Spitfire Come Out on Top

Got to love a good underdog story.

Gorg by Gorg on Feb 12, 2018 @ 03:35 PM (Staff Bios)
Overwatch League is off to a fantastic start, and viewership is through the roof. The content fans are ingestion is impressive, to say the least. With a sold-out crowd in the Blizzard Arena, the audience and players were electric, as last night marked the first stage of the playoffs for this season of Overwatch League. With over twelve hours of competition, the London Spitfire overcame the New York Excelsior in a reverse sweep. After losing two matches straight, the Spitfire came back to win three straight maps and took hold of the stage finals victory.

Although this victory doesn't affect the regular season or the actual playoffs, it does come with a nice cash prize. $100,000 went to the Spitfire, while the Excelsior walked away with $25,000 to split among themselves. Not to mention, coming in first or second is enough to give any team a little bit of bragging rights for the remainder of the season.

The semifinals consisted of the Spitfire taking out second seed Houston Outlaws in a 3-1 bout. The whole league is now on a short hiatus before the start of Stage 2, which begins February 21. All teams start stage 2 with a new record for a chance to get to the Stage 2 finals. Overall standings are put into consideration when placing for the end-of-season playoffs though. Check out the last play of the final map below!


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