Nintendo Unveils Red & Blue Switch Console, Bowser's Fury Trailer

Nintendo Unveils Red & Blue Switch Console, Bowser's Fury Trailer

It's a two-in-one kind of day.

LizardRock by LizardRock on Jan 12, 2021 @ 09:41 AM (Staff Bios)
The re-launch of Super Mario 3D World, along with the introduction of the Bowsers Fury expansion, is nearly here. And to commemorate both the game, and Mario as a whole, Nintendo has announced a special edition red and blue Switch console.

The official name of the console is Mario Red & Blue Edition, according to Nintendo. As you might expect, the console is a combination of the two colors, theming itself on Marios signature outfit. The Switch console itself, along with the dock, Joy-Cons, and carrying case, will be red, while the Joy-Con straps, controller connector, and carry case zipper, will be blue. This is the first time that a console itself is a new color (all previous special editions remained black, though they did have engraved patterns). The system will become available at various retailers on February 12, 2021, for $299.99.

Why that date? Because thats when Super Mario 3D World + Bowsers Fury releases on the Switch. This is a re-release of the hit 3D platformer that previously released on the Nintendo Wii U. At the time, it had introduced the new Cat Mario power-up, featuring a world of feline-like variations of popular Mario characters, including Cat Bowser.

The re-release has more than just the base game, however. The Bowsers Fury expansion is a world add-on to the game, introducing a new environment, a new story, and even a new companion to run, jump, and fight alongside Mario. Nintendo actually just released a new trailer to show it all off.

For those who dont have the chance to watch: Bowsers Fury appears to take place in a new, Greek island style world. Mario is collecting Mediterranean styled cat emblems, instead of the traditional stars. Working alongside him, believe it or not, is Bowser Jr, floating around in his clown craft and helping Mario. This can be by attacking enemies, or using his magic brush to paint power-ups to life.

But whats that off in the distance? A spiky black goo appears to be overtaking the ocean surrounding this world. From one side, a large ball of black spikes rises up. At the apex, it bursts! From its core appears Bowser. But hes different. Wretched and angry, his new form is a powerful and furious one. Now Mario must use everything at his disposal to defeat Bowsers Fury, including a special bell power-up that transforms him into a multi-story sized cat Mario.

Honestly, this is pretty dramatic for a Mario game. But at the same time, were kind of into it. Both Super Mario 3D World + Bowsers Fury and the Mario Red & Blue Edition Nintendo Switch Console will be available on February 12, 2021.


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