Nintendo Takes Down Multiplayer Mario 64

Nintendo Takes Down Multiplayer Mario 64

You might not need 23 friends after all.

LizardRock by LizardRock on Sep 20, 2017 @ 08:46 AM
A few days ago, we reported on a mod for Super Mario 64 that allowed players to play together in a multiplayer online mode. Up to 24 players (you and 23 others) could roam and explore the Mushroom Kingdom as a selection of Mario characters, each with unique stats and abilities. Since then, the videos of this mod, as well as the Patreon the developer made to support funding has been taken down. Yesterday morning the mod creator, Kaze Emanuar, tweeted that Nintendo had removed the content.

Kaze later that day tweets that while this setback is unfortunate, it will not stop them from continuing work on the popular mod as the video takedowns are unrelated to development. This is until around 4:30 AM this morning, when they revealed that Nintendo also filed a DMCA complaint regarding the two Discord uploads, but are not taking their YouTube channel hostage.

As it currently stands, it is unclear if and how development for Super Mario 64 Online will continue its endeavors. Nintendo's reputation for being a firm hand in protecting its intellectual property has hindered the modding community before, and any efforts at retaliation have been met with failure. While Nintendo has the legal right to do this, my sympathies go out to Kaze. Countless hours had been put into this project. Though fortunately those who already have the project downloaded should be able to play it just fine.

Check back frequently to keep up to date on the latest involving Kaze and their Mario Multiplayer Mod. Until then, you can watch and follow Kaze Emanuar via his Twitter account.


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