It's The Gamerz Unite 10th Anniversary Giveaway!

It's The Gamerz Unite 10th Anniversary Giveaway!

Celebrating 10 Years With 4 Giveaways!

LizardRock by LizardRock on Feb 13, 2018 @ 09:21 AM (Staff Bios)
That's right, ladies and gentleman, it's time for some sweet, sweet stuff, for free. Welcome to the Gamerz Unite 10th Anniversary Giveaway!

Gamerz Unite was founded 10 years ago, in 2008. It started as a hub for those looking for LAN parties in their area. Since then, it has grown to become the one-stop location for video game news and culture. We're proud of how far we've come, and we want to celebrate!

The Gamerz Unite 10th Anniversary Giveaway consists of 4 giveaways. One for Steam, Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox. The contest ends Feb 28 at Midnight CST, so don't sleep on this one. Check out the Giveaways below;
  • The Steam Giveaway
    Winner #1 receives $70 worth of Steam cards.
  • The Nintendo eShop Giveaway
    Winner #2 receives $120 worth of Nintendo eShop cards.
  • The Playstation Network Giveaway
    Winner #3 receives $40 worth of Playstation Network Cards and a 3 Month PSN Membership.
  • The Xbox Live Giveaway
    Winner #4 receives a 3 Month Xbox Live Membership

But wait, how do I enter?

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Direct Link

Glad you asked! We will be hosting it in a raffle format. Above is a raffle widget you can use to submit entries. Here you have 7 ways to submit an entry. completing all 7 will yield you a total of 27 entries! The winner of the raffle will be selected at the randomizer service. The first entry option is the only mandatory one. Upon completing that, the rest will unlock for you.

The 7 Entry Options
  • Sign Up for an account on (Mandatory) +2 entries.
  • Join the Gamerz Unite Discord and mention this contest. +3 entries.
  • Follow @lanparties on Twitter. +3 entries.
  • Tweet a Message! The raffle will provide the tweet. +4 entries.
  • Scavenger Hunt! The answer can be found somewhere within The raffle even provides a hint or two. +5 entries.
  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel! +5 entries.
  • Answer the question "What animal does Ranga14 love?" Hints included here as well. +5 entries.

That's it! Be sure that your efforts are done through the raffle service, to ensure inclusion. Good luck, friends. Let's cheer for another great 10 years.


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