Goat Simulator Waste of Space DLC Launching on PS4

Goat Simulator Waste of Space DLC Launching on PS4

Coincidence? I think not.

JesseCecchetto by JesseCecchetto on Mar 20, 2017 @ 02:32 PM
Goat Simulator is pretty much self-explanatory. While it might not be the most authentic representation of a day in the life of a goat, it's definitely the most entertaining. It's a game that can entertain you for fairly limited amounts of time until you get tired of well, being a goat. It's really a hit or a miss with it's target audience, but nevertheless, Goat simulator is a game that doesn't take itself seriously in any way shape or form, and therefore it likes to play jokes on other games as well. The "Waste of Space" DLC is a humorous take on Star Wars, Star Trek, and other science fiction series. While this DLC has been available on PC for almost a year, it's finally being released to PS4 tomorrow, following the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda. 

While it could be interpreted as a coincidence, I highly doubt it is. Goat Simulator is most likely trying to jump in on the controversy regarding all of Mass Effect: Andromeda's wonky animations and extensive bugs. Everyone else on the internet is making fun of Mass Effect, so why not them? While this DLC is making fun of a lot of popular sci-fi titles, it's also making fun of the amount of crappy crowd-funded sci-fi games that are literally a waste of space. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Coffee Stain added some Mass Effect: Andromeda animation jokes in its release on PS4 there just for the occasion. Either way, it's definitely a strategic release.

The Waste of Space DLC will be available for purchase on March 21st for PS4. So far, it's unclear when the DLC will make its way to other consoles, but it's currently available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, Mac, PC, Linux as well as Android and iOS. 


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