Fallout 4 GOTY Edition Announced for Next Month

Fallout 4 GOTY Edition Announced for Next Month

Cool beans.

pocru by pocru on Aug 10, 2017 @ 11:12 PM
Well, it's finally happening: Fallout 4, almost two years after launch, is getting its Game of the Year edition.

Here's how it's always worked for Bethesda games: they release a product, it's beloved and hyped by all, and everyone rushes to buy it, despite the fact it's always going to be bugged as all heck. Several dozen patches and four-plus DLC packs later, after a few years have passed, they'll release the game again with all the content they've since released, plus all those patches and fixes that stop all those game-breaking bugs you inevitably run into. For the fans with the patience and foresight to weather through the hype, it's a wonderful opportunity to save some money and heartache.

Fortunately, I happen to be one such fan.

Anyway. Fallout 4: Game of the Year collection is set to launch early September, and, as you'd suspect, it's the base game plus all the other DLC that's since released for the game in one convenient, far cheaper package. That includes add-ons like survival mode, as well as Nuka-World, the Vault-Tec Workshop, Contraptions Workshop, Wasteland Workshop, Far Harbor, and Automatron.

And for the collectors out there, they'll also be re-launching Fallout 4 G.O.T.Y. Pip-Boy collector editions, which will come with them adorable Pip-boy models. However, they'll only be available at 'select retailers' and will cost a pretty $100, so if you want it you're gonna want to work a bit harder for it.

Regardless, it's time for the late-comers, yours included, to finally see what the big deal with Fallout 4 is. I can't wait for the September 26th launch.

It'll be coming for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, obviously.


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