Easy Solitaire Card Games That Your Kids Will Love

Easy Solitaire Card Games That Your Kids Will Love

Who doesn't like Solitaire?

Ranga14 by Ranga14 on Jan 13, 2021 @ 12:13 AM (Staff Bios)
Kids need to be entrained all the time. What if you teach them some soft skills, sportsmanship, and help them develop a strategic bend of mind while playing an interesting game?

Well, this is very much possible if you choose Solitaire card games. This classic form of spending free time has many ways to support the mental development of kids and keep them engaged in the process for a long time. If you dont know which versions of Solitaire are the most suitable then read this post as we are going to suggest some interesting and easy Solitaire variations that are great for kids.


This Playing Games needs two players and requires easy thinking. It is also known as Garbage. It is an ideal game for pre-schoolers as it helps to learn about counting, cardinality, and comparing numbers in a fun way. We kept it in the first place as it has simple rules and keeps kids interested to play Solitaire more than once.


Ideal for 6-11 aged kids, Spoons is another interesting option that you can play with kids and keep them engaged. It is a more difficult type and it is also known as Pig and Tongue. In contrast to the above version, this one can easily accommodate a large number of players, starting from three and up to 13 participants. So, if you a have group of kids then you must try this game.


The next alternative that you can pay attention to is Memory. It can be played with two to six players. It is actually a memory test, so it helps kids to enhance their learning ability and will bring a positive impact on brain function. This is because kids tend to be more attentive and have strong concentration abilities while playing this game. Do you still need more reasons to try it?

Go Fish

This is probably the first Card Games that any pre-schooler will ever learn to play. Two to five people can easily take part in it. It imparts the basic card game skills like how to hold the cards, how to deal, and how to read the numbers. If you want to introduce such type of games to kids, then start with it.

Several More Variants

These are not all the options you can choose from for instance, there is a Crazy Eights version that is ideal for two to seven players and helps kids to develop tactics and communication skills. Also, one can try Pounce that will be interesting for kids of 7+ age and is loved because of its cat theme. It is easy-to-learn and keeps kids entertained. Finally, there is a Solitaire game called Beggar Your Neighbour. This is probably one of the easiest options since no specific skills are needed to play it.

In Conclusion

These were a few Solitaire card games for kids. Also, dont hesitate to teach them the rules of classic Solitaire because it can be entertaining too. Moreover, now there are lots of opportunities to play Solitaire online. So, next time when you have kids around you that need entertainment, try these games!


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