Civilization 6 Gets a Demo

Civilization 6 Gets a Demo

A relic from days of yore...

pocru by pocru on Mar 20, 2017 @ 06:48 AM
If you’re any fans of strategy games, then there’s a better-than-decent chance you’re aware that Civilization 6 is out, and it’s pretty damn amazing. Not only is Firaxis dolling up the game with free post-launch content, it also refines and streamlines the familiar Civilization formula to breathe some fresh life into the 26-year-old franchise.

Well, if you’re unsure if you’ll be a fan of all these dramatic changes, or if you’re new to the strategy world and you’re looking to test the waters before you throw yourself into the deep end of the pool, good news: Civilization 6 has finally got a  free public demo that people can enjoy before buying the full game. The demo itself plays through the tutorial, so even beginners can know what they’re doing, and puts you in control of the Chinese civilization lead by Qin Shi Huang on a fixed map with America, Egypt, and Sumeria, locking the total number of turns you can take to 60. Unlikely you’ll be winning any games in that time, but long enough to get that “one more turn” feeling.

It may not be much, not in the long run, but I for one miss the days where demos were more common, and applaud Firaxis for including one here.


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