Battlefield 1 Pixar Themed Easter Egg Discovered

Battlefield 1 Pixar Themed Easter Egg Discovered

Up, up, and away

JesseCecchetto by JesseCecchetto on Mar 20, 2017 @ 03:27 PM

Battlefield 1 is known to have some pretty secretive and interesting Easter Eggs. I don't think anybody could have ever guessed that Battlefield would have an easter egg that references the popular Disney movie, Up,   and regardless if you're a fan or not, this easter egg is definitely worth going for. Part of Battlefield 1's new DLC, They Shall Not Pass, this new Easter Egg was recently discovered on the Verdun Heights map, and it definitely wasn't easy to discover.

Easter Egg's are fun things to discover in singleplayer games, but in Battlefield 1, this Easter Egg can be found on a multiplayer map, making it available for the entire match lobby to see. This Disney Pixar-themed Easter Egg is a tricky one to activate, but in a fresh game, you've got plenty of time as long as you know where to look. To activate the easter egg, you have to start off by finding 3 wine bottles located on the map and shoot them all. Next, located on rooftops in the map, you'll have to find and shoot three weather-vanes with roosters on the top, in any order you fancy. Once you've shot all the bottles and the rooster weathervanes, a small house will appear hovering over the map via three large, brightly colored balloons.

If you want to see it for yourself, you can easily do this on your own in a private lobby, or if you'd like to see how your enemies react, try and complete this in a public lobby. I'm sure you're bound to get some easily kills on enemies that are too busy staring at the clouds. Either way, this fun homage to arguably one of Pixar's best movies is definitely an unexpected yet welcomed appearance into Battlefield 1.


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