5 Games to Look Forward to in 2018

5 Games to Look Forward to in 2018

Out of the 160+ coming out next year.

LizardRock by LizardRock on Dec 28, 2017 @ 09:25 PM (Staff Bios)
2017 has come to an end, and it was a fantastic year for gaming. Now we have 2018 to look forward to. But what exactly is going to happen in the coming year? Here are 5 games expected to release in 2018 that are sure to make you excited for the new year. In no particular order.


1. Monster Hunter: World

While this is one of the more obvious titles, it's hype is currently at its strongest. Monster Hunter Worlds is the highly anticipated iteration of the Monster Hunter series. The game was announced during Sony's time at E3 of this year. The game promised high graphical improvements and a refined gameplay experience that will make it stand out from the series. Just this week was a limited time Beta access to the game. Pair that with the fact its releasing in exactly 29 days from now (on January 26), players have reached maximum excitement for its release.

The hardest part about Monster Hunter is explaining to newcomers why it is so fun. The premise of Monster Hunter is to use your skill and wit to track down and defeat large fictional monsters. The feeling of preparing for a hunt, crafting bigger and better gear, and tactically taking on a large dragon-like beast is both satisfying and fulfilling. Many small changes have been made to the series, making World one of the more newcomer friendly games out there. With it coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC, It's never been a better time to try out what makes Monster Hunter such a big name.


2. Call of Cthulhu: The Official Video Game

This one is the most intriguing of the five. Cthulhu is an extremely well-known word both in and out of the video game world. The giant squid-faced bringer of end times was originally from a short story called "Call of Cthulhu" by writer H.P. Lovecraft. This story would go on to develop its own mythos, as well as inspire creative works of nearly every perceivable genre.

In 1981 a first-person RPG was released of the same name. In this game, the player controls private investigator Edward Pierce as he digs around Darkwater Island near Boston, Massachusetts, looking to solve the murder of an entire family. In his efforts, he discovers the fated revival of the Great Old One, known as Cthulhu. This game would go on to win several awards as Best Role Playing Game up until the early 2000s.

The game I'm talking about here is a 2018 adaption of this game/story. Publisher Focus Home Interactive announced in 2014 of development towards the game has begun by developers Frogwares. After hearing nothing for 2 years, Focus announced that the game is instead being developed by Cyanide, using the Unreal Engine 4 to build it as a semi-open world RPG with elements of stealth and psychological horror.

Why is this exciting? While horror games have stayed as present as usual, it's been far too long since a good Lovecraftian type game has been released as a major title. Combine that with the graphical capabilities of modern consoles, and you have what is sure to be a game that stands out from the crowd. Hopefully, we will learn more about the game as we approach the release date.


3. Crackdown 3

This open world action-adventure game by developers Reagent Games and Sumo Digital was a mildly surprising to hear about. The first Crackdown game received a fair amount of critical and fan acclaim for being a fun "do what you want, how you want" game in a massive open world. The second game, however, had a far more mild reception. Many found it not any better than the original. We weren't expecting to hear at E3 in 2014 that a third would still be made.

The crackdown game has you play a cybernetically modified police officer, using your super powered abilities to track down and eliminate local gang activity. You would be rewarded for doing everything from punching, to driving, to jumping off buildings. The more you played, the stronger you became, until you became Superman, jumping over entire buildings and lifting semi trucks with ease.

What makes Crackdown 3 stand out from before is that it plans to utilize Microsoft Azure, allowing for mass-scale destruction. That means literally everything is supposably destroyable. The feeling of badassery you get from being a super-powered cyber cop makes the idea of destroying entire buildings to eliminate one man all the more tantalizing.

Originally, Crackdown 3 was to launch in 2016. This was later changed to November 7 of 2017 to release alongside the Xbox One X, but it was delayed even further. As it currently stands, the game plans to release some time in spring 2018.


4. System Shock

The name should sound familiar, System Shock is a first-person action game from 1994. It's on my list because Night Dive Studios is developing a 2018 remake.

System Shock is the story of a hacker that is trying to stop an evil artificial intelligence known as SHODAN. It was one of the games that helped steer the first person revolution in gaming in the 90s. With an even more famous sequel, System shock would go on to inspire all-time hits like Half-Life, Portal, and Bioshock.

I had played System Shock myself a few years ago. It was one of the seldom occasions where the passage of time didn't diminish the value of the game. Often times games don't "age well," so when a 23-year-old game can be just as enjoyable today is a clear sign of the game's quality.

To take what made that game great and recreate it with modern technology means we get the best of both worlds, amazing design, and the highest quality graphics and audio. Whether your a nostalgic fan or know nothing of the game, System Shock 2018 is sure to blow you away. Its expected to release in second quarter of 2018 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.


5. Yoshi

Great name right? Yoshi is just the working title for the next Nintendo game starring the adorable green dinosaur. Announced at E3 2017, Nintendo is licensing out the Yoshi brand to developers Good-Feel to release their own game in late 2018. All we had to see of the game was a snippet of in-development gameplay. It appears to take the series back to its Yoshi Story roots, having the player move along with a linear path in a 3D realm, this time being able to flip the camera to view everything from the opposite side.

The main motivation for this game is simply that there hasn't been a Yoshi game that I haven't enjoyed. From the poorly named Tetris Attack to the most recent Yoshi's Wooly World. They've all been good games. Since the game is being developed by a third party, there is more risk of the game is a flop. Though with a long established fanbase, odds are an incredible amount of heart is being put into a project. If Sonic Mania is any indication, when a game is built with love, it tends to be pretty good.

These 5 games are very diverse in nature, each with their own valid reasons for being something to look forward to. There are over 160 major game releases expected to take place in 2018. If the game you're most excited for isn't on this list, it just means I didn't have room to list it. Its still 2017, so all we can do now is wait and hope none of these games flop unexpectedly.


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